A competent and hardworking Artist who is able to come up with a range of original ideas, theories and fascinations through various artistic mediums.

ADRASKA comes to you with a long list of recognized qualifications and an ability to combine modern and traditional techniques as expressive languages to create art for either sale or exhibition.

  • Using computers, artistic tools and specialized software to create stunning artwork.
  • Creating artistic mock-ups, comps and presentation boards to show to clients.
  • Driving an idea right from the initial conception to production and completion
  • Knowledge of cutting-edge art techniques, methodologies and best practice.
  • Have a good head for analyzing information to make recommendations.
  • Able to visualize and conceptualize artistic ideas before creating them.
  • Committed to staying current with changing graphics software technology.
  • Responsible for producing stunning, high quality artwork, and for contributing unique perspectives to the overall display concept of a project.

    Strong Background in Math, Fine Arts and Architecture.

    The Artist is stepping on :

  • Fine Arts (graphics) at School – where took part in several national and international projects and art displays. Was drawings for projects connected to human rights, history sites, red books of animals and fish.
  • Math and Technologies – where all the geometry, math and problem solving way of thinking were cultivated. Exploring the world of Computer Generated Images and the logics behind.
  • Architecture – physics and philosophy of building artificial environments